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Our Meets

Our meet schedule consists of regular league meets that are between two or three teams.  The host team is responsible for the operation of the meet, per the rule set forth by the Northwest Ohio YMCA Swim League.  Our swimmers should be prepared to swim at all regular league meets.  This does require some travel.

The other type of meets on our schedule are invitationals.  Invitational meets are put on by a particular team, and open to all swimmers.  The format of each invitational may vary.  These are generally longer meets, but they are fun for the swimmers.  Invitational meets come with a small entry fee (usually around $15 per swimmer).  Swimmers who choose to attend an invitational meet are responsible the fee.

Polarpalooza is our annual invitational meet.  It is held the first weekend of December.  This is our largest team fundraiser each year.  Our swimmers are expected to swim, and all families are required to volunteer to make it a successful event.

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